Director’s Message

As I mentioned in my recent message, we have been working to implement a new decision search engine for our website.  I am pleased to announce that our new decision search engine, powered by Decisia, is now operational.  This tool is more robust than any decision search tool PERC has ever offered.  A new feature is the ability to see if a decision has been appealed to the Commission, the courts and the result.  The new decision search engine is accessible on the “Decisions” tab on our website.

Developing new ways and new content to help parties prevent disputes has been a continual area of emphasis for us the past few years.  We are currently developing a basic training on the laws PERC administers, our role in enforcing those laws and our services – similar to a popular PERC Essentials class we put on several years ago.  We will pilot the training two times this fall, but our goal is turn the content into an on-demand, online training by next year.

Finally, it is with regret that I announce that Commissioner Tom McLane has submitted his resignation from the Commission.  Tom is currently a practicing attorney in Spokane as a partner in the law firm of Randall Danskin.  Tom has served on the Commission since 2008.  Tom was a wonderful addition to the Commission.  He was a friend, mentor and colleague to us all.  I thank Tom for his years of service and wish him the best for the future.  We are working with the Governor’s Office on a new appointment.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.  As always, if you have questions or comments about our services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Michael P. Sellars, Executive Director
Public Employment Relations Commission
(360) 570-7306
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