Representation FAQ (printable version)

What do I need to know to file a Representation Petition

Who can file a representation petition?

What is a showing of interest?

Do showing of interest cards expire?

Can a petition be filed at any time?

How long does it take to process a representation petition?

How does PERC determine union representation?

PERC determines union representation by either an election or a cross-check of records.

What is the difference between an election and cross-check?

Can all petitions be determined by a cross-check?

What do I need to know to decertify (remove) my union or change representative?

What can I do if I no longer wish to be represented by a union?

What is involved in filing a petition to decertify?

Who gets to vote in a decertification petition?

How do we get a different union to represent us?

What does PERC consider a labor organization?

How Do I...

Contact PERC                           >


File a Case or Document       >


Request Training                     >


Make a Records Request       >


Search Decisions                     >


Latest Announcements         >


Not a Public Employee?

Not Represented by a Union?

Private Sector Employee

​National Labor Relations Board at 206.220.6300 or

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service at 206.553.5800 or

Discrimination Complaints

Human Rights Commission at 800.233.3247 or

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at 800.669.4000 or

Employment Standards/Workplace Rights

Department of Labor and Industries at 866.219.7321 or

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