Representation FAQ (printable version)

What do I need to know to file a Representation Petition

Who can file a representation petition?

What is a showing of interest?

Do showing of interest cards expire?

Can a petition be filed at any time?

How long does it take to process a representation petition?

How does PERC determine union representation?

PERC determines union representation by either an election or a cross-check of records.

What is the difference between an election and cross-check?

Can all petitions be determined by a cross-check?

What do I need to know to decertify (remove) my union or change representative?

What can I do if I no longer wish to be represented by a union?

What is involved in filing a petition to decertify?

Who gets to vote in a decertification petition?

How do we get a different union to represent us?

What does PERC consider a labor organization?

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