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Threshold for Card Check Changed – Effective July 28, 2019

Legislation passed this last session will set the threshold for cross checks, or card checks. Under House Bill 1575, PERC may proceed with a card check when the petitioning organization submits cards from more than 50% of the employees. Currently, PERC rules set the card check threshold at 70% for all authorized employees, except employees covered under RCW 41.80. Card checks are still not authorized for community college faculty (RCW 28B.52), teachers (RCW 41.59), four-year college faculty (RCW 41.76), individual providers (RCW 41.56.026), family child care providers (RCW 41.56.028), adult family home providers (RCW 41.56.029), and language access providers (RCW 41.56.510). 

House Bill 1575 becomes effective July 28, 2019, and the new statutory threshold will only be applied to representation petitions filed on or after July 28, 2019.

Ken Pedersen appointed to the Commission by Governor Jay Inslee

Ken has nearly forty years of labor relations experience as an advocate and a neutral. Ken spent thirty years representing labor unions in the public and private sector throughout Washington. For the last seven years, Ken has served as an arbitrator of labor relations disputes. Ken is a graduate of Gonzaga University and Seattle University School of Law. His appointment is effective March 21 and expires September 8, 2023.

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