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In-Person Activities – December 21, 2022

Beginning January 1, 2023, whether an event will be in-person or remote will be at the discretion of the Labor Relations Adjudicator/Mediator.

Rule Changes Adopted – December 1, 2022

At its November 8, 2022, meeting the Commission adopted comprehensive rule changes. The rule changes conclude a years-long effort by PERC to engage with stakeholders, agency staff, and the Commission to streamline and modernize the rules.

The rules adopted by the Commission can be found here. 

Chapter 391-08 WAC
• Chapter 391-15 WAC
• Chapter 391-25 WAC
• Chapter 391-35 WAC
Chapter 391-45 WAC
• Chapter 391-55 WAC
• Chapter 391-65 WAC
• Chapter 391-75 WAC

Commission Appointment – October 25, 2022

Yesterday, Governor Jay Inslee appointed Elizabeth Ford to the Public Employment Relations Commission. Ford is a Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at Seattle University School of Law where she teaches the Workers’ Rights Clinic as well as Legal Writing. Ford previously taught at the University of Washington School of Law where she also served as Assistant Dean. Ford has also served as Chief Counsel for the Washington State Nurses Association, the Director of Labor Relations for King County, and a partner at a labor-side law firm representing unions and individuals. Ford has also served on many boards and commissions, including the Marine Employees Commission and Seattle Civil Service Commission. Ford is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Northeastern University School of Law. Ford’s appointment is effective November 10. 

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