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Academic Personnel in Community Colleges — Chapter 28B.52 RCW Collective Bargaining

(Covering community college and technical college faculty.)

State Civil Service Law — Chapter 41.06 RCW

(Covering state civil service employees.)

Public Employees Collective Bargaining Act — Chapter 41.56 RCW

(Covering county, municipal, and other public service employees.)

Public Employees Collective Bargaining — Chapter 41.58 RCW

(Statute creating PERC which provides some general authority and principles.)

Educational Employment Relations Act — Chapter 41.59 RCW

(Covering K-12 certificated employees.)

Higher Education Faculty Labor Relations — Chapter 41.76 RCW

(Covering faculty in public four-year institutions of higher education.)

State Collective Bargaining — Chapter 41.80 RCW

(Covering certain state employees.)

Marine Employees — Public Employment Relations — Chapter 47.64 RCW

(Covering state ferry system employees.)

Arbitration of Disputes (Private Employment) — Chapter 49.08 RCW

(Statute covering private sector employers and employees, where PERC is the state mediation agency for purposes of filing notice and obtaining services under Section 8(d) of the National Labor Relations Act.)

Symphony Musicians — Chapter 49.39 RCW

(Covering symphony orchestras who gross between $300,000 and $1,000,000 annually.)

Employment Relations — Collective Bargaining and Arbitration (Port Districts) — Chapter 53.18 RCW

(Covering port district employees.)

General Provisions — Public Utility District — Chapter 54.04 RCW

(Covering public utility district employees.)

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