Pending Representation

Representation cases are listed on this web page until the case closes. The opportunity to intervene is available under WAC 391-25-170 or WAC 391-25-190. Questions and comments should be directed to Representation Administrators Dario de la Rosa at (360) 570-7328 or Emily Whitney at (360) 664-3047.

Date FiledEmployerCase NumberCase Status
May 14, 2024Valley Medical Center138998-E-24Employee List Due
January 12, 2024City of Moses Lake138150-E-24Card Check
May 10, 2024University of Washington138986-E-24Employee List Due
April 18, 2024King County138875-E-24Employee List Due
September 22, 2023Renton School District137652-E-23Investigating
September 25, 2023Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services137661-E-23Card Check
February 5, 2024Sound Transit138328-E-24Investigating
February 15, 2024Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services138365-E-24Tally Issued
February 20, 2024City of Sunnyside138373-E-24Card Check
February 29, 2024City of Seattle138678-E-24Tally Issued
September 29, 2021Yakima County134493-E-21Hearing
March 5, 2024City of Olympia138685-E-24Tally Issued
September 1, 2023King County137435-E-23Hearing
April 22, 2024Washington State Department of Corrections138882-E-24Investigating
January 23, 2024Washington State Department of Corrections138175-E-24Tally Issued
January 23, 2024Washington State Department of Corrections138176-E-24Investigating
January 23, 2024City of Seattle138234-E-24Card Check
May 8, 2024Washington State Department of Corrections138982-E-24Employee List Due
January 24, 2024City of Seattle138291-E-24Investigating
March 5, 2024City of Yakima138690-E-24Employee List Due
March 22, 2024Kittitas Public Hospital District 1138802-E-24Election
March 5, 2024Washington State Department of Corrections138691-E-23Employee List Due
November 13, 2023City of Pasco137972-E-23Card Check
March 5, 2024Washington State Department of Corrections138692-E-23Tally Issued
December 7, 2023Chelan County138048-E-23Hearing
March 7, 2024Washington State Language Access Providers138702-E-23Employee List Due
March 6, 2023City of Lake Stevens136285-E-23Investigating
March 15, 2024King County138786-E-24Employee List Due
March 22, 2024Washington State Human Rights Commission138803-E-24Employee List Due
May 14, 2024City of Tacoma138999-E-24Employee List Due
March 26, 2024Everett School District138810-E-24Tally Issued
December 2, 2022Western Washington University136078-E-22Tally Issued
March 20, 2024City of Sunnyside138796-E-24Tally Issued
March 20, 2024Washington State Social and Health Services138798-E-24Employee List Due
March 28, 2024Washington State Department of Corrections138816-E-24Card Check
July 25, 2023Lewis County137244-E-23Hearing
April 3, 2024King County138839-E-24Card Check
November 22, 2023Federal Way School District138003-E-23Tally Issued
July 24, 2023City of Tumwater137241-E-23Investigating
April 2, 2024Clallam County138831-E-24Investigating
April 2, 2024Clallam County138832-E-24Investigating
April 2, 2024Clallam County138834-E-24Investigating
December 12, 2023Spokane County Fire District 4138063-E-23Investigating
April 5, 2024City of Seattle138842-E-24Employee List Due
October 5, 2023Whatcom Community College137767-E-23Investigating
April 8, 2024Mason County138845-E-24Card Check
December 8, 2023University of Washington138054-E-23Investigating
May 30, 2023Washington State Department of Corrections136701-E-23Investigating
December 8, 2023University of Washington138055-E-23Investigating
April 9, 2024City of Auburn138853-E-24Investigating
April 9, 2024Chelan Public Hospital District 2138847-E-24Investigating
September 18, 2023Washington State University137583-E-23Investigating
May 17, 2024State Legislature - Senate139015-E-24Employee List Due
April 11, 2024Snohomish Public Hospital District 1138857-E-24Card Check
May 17, 2024State Legislature - House of Representatives139016-E-24Employee List Due
April 12, 2024Whatcom Fire District 7138865-E-24Card Check
December 19, 2023Adams County138092-E-23Hearing
December 22, 2023Wa State Department of Social and Health Services138107-E-23Card Check
May 1, 2024State Legislature - Senate138960-E-24Investigating
May 1, 2024State Legislature - House of Representatives138961-E-24Investigating
January 2, 2024Franklin County138123-E-24Tally of Election

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