Business Man and Women

Representation cases are listed on this web page while the opportunity for intervention remains available under WAC 391-25-170 and/or WAC 391-25-190. Questions and comments should be directed to Representation Administrators Dario de la Rosa at (360) 570-7328 or Emily Whitney at (360) 664-3047.

Date FiledEmployerCase Number
August 29, 2019City of Seattle132067-E-19
August 26, 2019Kittitas Public Utility District132058-E-19
October 28, 2019City of Gig Harbor132221-E-19
June 26, 2019King County131884-E-19
September 3, 2019University of Washington132072-E-19
July 23, 2019South Thurston Fire & EMS131944-E-19
June 25, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections131873-E-19
August 21, 2019King County (Program Manager 1-4)132050-E-19
October 25, 2019Valley Transit132212-E-19
August 21, 2019King County (Program Manager 1-2)132051-E-19
May 20, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections131516-E-19
April 25, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections131466-E-19
June 18, 2019King County131603-E-19
October 9, 2019C-TRAN132166-E-19
May 21, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections131517-E-19
November 12, 2019Kittitas Public Utility District132279-E-19
October 14, 2019City of Bellingham132172-E-19
June 6, 2019Lott Clean Water Alliance131567-E-19
October 18, 2019City of Othello132191-E-19
October 29, 2019City of Burlington132225-E-19
August 8, 2019Washington State Enterprise Services131980-E-19
October 16, 2019City of Ferndale132180-E-19
October 18, 2019City of Gig Harbor132193-E-19
November 7, 2019South Correctional Entity132271-E-19
October 24, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections132208-E-19
October 24, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections132209-E-19
October 25, 2019City of Federal Way132211-E-19
October 17, 2019City of Vancouver132184-E-19
October 18, 2019City of Seattle132187-E-19
October 18, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections132190-E-19
November 26, 2019Grays Harbor Public Hospital District 1132352-E-19
November 27, 2019Auburn School District132354-E-19

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