Pending Representation

Representation cases are listed on this web page until the case closes. The opportunity to intervene is available under WAC 391-25-170 or WAC 391-25-190. Questions and comments should be directed to Representation Administrators Dario de la Rosa at (360) 570-7328 or Emily Whitney at (360) 664-3047.

Date FiledEmployerCase NumberCase Status
April 20, 2021Town of Cathlamet134080-E-21Employee List Due
July 27, 2021Western Washington University134359-E-21Employee List Due
May 21, 2021City of Seattle134210-E-21Card Check
March 13, 2020King County132643-E-20Hearing
October 30, 2020Grant County133122-E-20Election
June 11, 2021Washington State Department of Corrections134264-E-21Employee List Due
June 25, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections131873-E-19Investigating
March 8, 2021Central Washington University133383-E-21Tally Issued
January 5, 2021Grays Harbor College133272-E-21Investigating
December 22, 2020City of Seattle133251-E-20Interim Certification
May 20, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections131516-E-19Investigating
April 21, 2021King County134087-E-21Investigating
June 23, 2021La Crosse School District134291-E-21Investigating
June 16, 2021Lewis Public Transportation Benefit134278-E-21Investigating
May 21, 2019Washington State Department of Corrections131517-E-19Investigating
May 25, 2021Glenwood School District134219-E-21Appeal Pending
June 29, 2021City of Fircrest134306-E-21Investigating
November 23, 2020Washington State Language Access Providers133171-E-20Blocked
May 28, 2021Edmonds School District134226-E-21Investigating
May 17, 2021North Central Washington Libraries134194-E-21Deficiency Response Due
January 22, 2021White Salmon Valley School District133301-E-21Tally Issued
July 31, 2020City of Bellevue132946-E-20Card Check
July 16, 2021Puyallup School District134334-E-20Investigating
March 30, 2021Washington State - Social and Health Services133421-E-21Interim Certification

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