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How do I search PERC decisions to determine if I have an Unfair Labor Practice?

Common search terms for Unfair Labor Practice, Representation and Unit Clarification cases

Advanced Search:
We recommend using the “Advanced Search” feature instead of searching by collection. If you have issues or questions, please email

Bargaining Unit Certifications:
Find the most current bargaining unit descriptions by searching certifications under advanced search. Enter either parties' name in the full text search box and select certification in the case type box. 

Missing Decisions: 
Prior to 2015, closure orders following the withdrawal of a case were assigned decision numbers but not published, therefore those decision numbers will not appear. Court Citations will be referenced but not linked; those documents can be found using the Washington Courts search engine.

Try Using Lexbox:
A feature that allows you to track and manage your decision research.

Mailing List:
You can sign up for a mailing list to be notified when new decisions are published.

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