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June 2019

PERC is pleased to share its updated website. The update incorporates the agency twitter feed as well as our recent branding changes. We have also reduced the number of pages to simplify navigation and help users find information more quickly.

This past legislative session resulted in a few changes impacting the laws administered by PERC. 

  • 2SSB 5021 granted interest arbitration rights to employees of the state Department of Corrections.
  • SB 5022 granted interest arbitration rights to campus police of four-year colleges.
  • SB 5199 granted interest arbitration rights to corrections officers at regional jails.
  • SSB 5297 granted collective bargaining rights to assistant attorneys general.
  • HB 1575 addressed union security, authorization for dues deduction, and reduced the threshold for card check.

Additionally, there was legislation impacting the school funding model. We do not know to what extent these changes will impact the volume of K-12 mediation requests later this year, but we are aware that there are over 150 open contracts between school districts and teachers. The 2017 and 2018 legislative changes to the school funding model resulted in over 100 K-12 mediation requests in 2018. We largely receive the bulk of mediation requests involving teachers in August and September, and this invariably impacts our ability to serve other clientele during that time.

For the rest of 2019, PERC will be working on some initiatives that will help us continue to meet our mission in a more effective and efficient manner. We are currently conducting an internal review of all our rules, and we expect to begin the stakeholder process for any rule changes in the fall. We are also in the process of developing an electronic filing module that will integrate with our case management system. We expect that to be available to clientele in the second part of 2019. Finally, we will begin developing our Strategic Plan for 2020–2023 this summer, with completion targeted for the end of 2019.  

In the meantime, if you have feedback for PERC please do not hesitate to contact me.


Michael P. Sellars, Executive Director

Public Employment Relations Commission

(360) 570-7306

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