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April 2018

It has been a busy 2018 thus far.

The big news the past few months is that we have filled all of our vacancies, hiring four adjudicator/mediators and one new legal assistant. Mark Aldrich, Christopher Casillas, Michael Snyder, and Katelyn Sypher recently joined PERC as adjudicator/mediators. All of them have labor and employment experience in the federal, private, or state sectors. We also hired Amy Riggs to fill our legal assistant vacancy. We are excited to have all of them join us. 

The recent legislative session saw a few laws passed that impact the statutes we administer. Senate Bill 6231 clarified the statute of limitations to bring an unfair labor practice complaint. The six-month statute of limitations now applies to complaints filed with PERC or with the superior court. Additionally, the six-month statute of limitations now applies to community college faculty. Senate Bill 6230 eliminated an exclusion for professional personnel from the port employees’ collective bargaining law. There were also several other laws passed that impact the labor relations community, notably laws providing for the deduction of union dues, union access to new employees, nondisclosure agreements, and the waiver of certain rights. 

The NW Chapter LERA 41st Annual Collective Bargaining and Arbitration Conference cosponsored by PERC and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service took place April 5–6. With over 500 attendees again this year, this conference is among the largest of the LERA chapter conferences. It provides a unique opportunity for neutrals and individuals in labor and management to come together. My thanks to my staff and the FMCS staff who worked to make this year’s conference a success.

Over the last few months, PERC has been working with a graphic designer to develop a new logo and brand. After utilizing a focus group of staff and clientele to gather input and feedback, I am pleased to move forward with our new logo:

Looking forward, we anticipate releasing our annual report in the next two months. We have also been working on new guidance materials for our website to assist people in filing unfair labor practice complaints. Those materials should begin appearing on the website in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Michael P. Sellars, Executive Director

Public Employment Relations Commission

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