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Be sure to review all the E-Filing FAQ's below for helpful tips to improve your experience. View the terms of use.

 E-Filing FAQs

Why use E-Filing?

  • Receive the assigned PERC case number at the time of submission
  • Receive a confirmation email on case and document filings
  • View case information and representatives when filing documents into existing cases
  • When filing a document into an existing case, the system will automatically send a copy to representatives on the case

Why didn’t I receive an email confirmation after filing a case or document?

Check your junk mail folder. If you do not see an email, please contact our office at 360-570-7300 or to confirm your filing was received.

Can I save my work as a draft, or do I have to complete the form once I begin? Will the system time out?

You cannot save entries and the entire form must be completed before submitting. A case form takes about five minutes to complete. Prepare any attachments you plan to include before you start the form. You have two hours to complete your entry before the system times out. Do not refresh the page or hit the back button during the filing process, as this could result in a loss of work.

What documents are considered confidential and how are they handled?

Filing a Case: If you file a mediation proposal or showing of interest cards in a new case, you will see a notification that those documents are confidential, and those documents will only be sent to PERC.

Filing a Document: You can select between two types—case attachment or secure attachment. Case attachment applies to the majority of filings and allows you to type the title of the document you are filing. Secure attachment should be selected ONLY if you are filing a mediation proposal on a Contract Mediation or showing of interest cards, a list of employees, or signature records for a card check on a Representation Petition in an open case. You will see a notification that those documents are confidential, and a confirmation email will be sent to the submitter and to PERC.


Can I autofill representative contact information to save time?

Yes. In your internet browser settings, turn on autofill for addresses. Then when you file a case it will populate the information you previously entered for the same representative. You can also manage autofill if you need to update or correct address information.

I just filed a case through E-Filing and it is not showing up in the File a Document search box. Why don’t I see it?

After a new case is filed through E-Filing, PERC will review and confirm that all the party and representative information is accurate and will then make the case accessible for public viewing, allowing parties to file new documents into it. You should see your new case within one business day. If you do not, please contact our office at 360-570-7300 or


Whose information should I enter into the Submitter Name and Email fields?

Enter the name and email address of the person making the submission. Even if you are a paralegal and filing on behalf of an attorney, or if you yourself are a representative already on the case, you will still enter your own information under this section. The confirmation of submission will be sent to this email address. All other parties to the case will receive a copy of the filing following submission (excluding confidential filings).

How do I file an amended complaint?

In the File a Document section, enter the original case number and add a document titled “Amended Complaint.” There is no need to file an Unfair Labor Practice Complaint form again, only an amended Statement of Facts and Remedy Requested is needed.

What if more than one person wants to receive an email notification of a filing but only one person wants to be listed as the representative on the case?

Please email PERC at and request that an “alternate email address” be added to the representative's contact information. Then when an email is sent from the E-Filing system to the representative listed on the case, it will go to both email addresses listed for that person. This is helpful if a paralegal or general department mailbox needs to receive a copy.


What if I want to copy a general email address with my case or document filing?

Only add people in the “Representatives” section of the case form. If you would like a general mailbox, such as an organization's labor relations office, to receive a copy of a case or document, please forward the email confirmation you receive after filing the case or document to that general email address.


How do I include a certificate of service?

When you file a document in an open case, you can only include ONE attachment at a time. To include a certificate of service with a document, such as an answer, brief, or notice of appearance, please “insert” the certificate of service into the back of the document you are going to file and save it as one pdf prior to E-Filing. This way, the document and the record of service for that document will be uploaded as a single attachment.

How do I file an amended petition?

In the File a Document section, enter the original case number and select the Add Document button. In the Document Type drop down menu, select Case Attachment. In the Title field, title your document “Amended Petition.” Include the case number, employer and union names, and any updated information. There is no need to file a representation petition form again.

What if one or more of my attachments exceeds the 35 MB file size limit?

Please submit your large files to PERC using an external document storage link, such as Dropbox or Box. Email the link to referencing the case number.


Do I have to file a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with my case?

No, PERC's new rules do not require that a CBA be filed with your case. If you do file a CBA with your case, please attach it as a separate document or "other attachment” type and title it “CBA.” If you wish to file a CBA into an open case, select the "case attachment" type and title it “CBA.” Attaching your CBA as a separate document will make it less likely to affect attachment file size limits.


What if I want to file a case with the same parties and representatives, but there are two different bargaining units or grievants’?

The case filing form for a contract or grievance mediation will allow you to identify more than one bargaining unit or grievant and will automatically create a case for each.


What should I do if I encounter an error?

If you encounter an error, try to reenter the information or attach the file again, and ensure that the entry meets requirements, such as length and file type. Do not refresh the page or hit the back button during the filing process, as this could result in a loss of work. If the error persists, please contact PERC at 360-570-7300 or

Who do I contact for help with E-Filing?

Contact our office at or 360-570-7300

 Case Forms

Unfair Labor Practice Complaint Form
Unfair Labor Practice FAQ

Allegation by an employee, union, or employer that statutory collective bargaining rights have been violated.

Contract Mediation Request

Request a mediator to help employers and bargaining representatives reach an agreement when they are unable to agree on the terms of a written contract defining the wages, hours, and working conditions of bargaining unit employees.

Grievance Mediation Request

Request a mediator to help parties reach a resolution about a dispute over the interpretation or application of a contract.

Representation Petition

Representation FAQ

Petition to investigate whether employees wish to organize, change, or remove a union representative.

Unit Clarification Petition

Unit Clarification FAQ

Petition to add or remove employees from an existing bargaining unit based upon a change in circumstances. Only an employer or union may file this these cases.

Arbitrator Request

Request a staff arbitrator or a panel of private arbitrators for grievance or interest arbitration.

Training/Speaker Request

Request for training or staff to speak at an event.

Certificate of Service

Attach this form to any document you are filing to show proof of mailing or service on all parties related to the case.

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