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Unit Clarification

Unit clarifications are used to add or remove employees to or from an existing bargaining unit to ensure the bargaining unit continues to be appropriate after there has been a change. Some examples include:

  • if positions are supervisory, confidential, or eligible part-time.
  • if there has been a change in the community of interest
  • amending a bargaining unit description
  • approving or granting a union affiliation

If you are a union seeking to add unrepresented positions to an existing bargaining unit and are unsure whether to file a representation or unit clarification petition, contact one of our Representation Administrators.


A unit clarification can only be filed by a union or employer. An individual employee cannot file a petition.

  1. Communicate the proposed change with the other parties, and determine if the other parties agree or not.
  2. Determine the current bargaining unit description, job description(s), and applicable organizational chart(s).
  3. Include the Reason for Clarification. In a separate document attach the following required information indicating:
  • any prior related decision or certification.
  • information about each position, classification, or group at issue.
  • the number of disputed employees in each position or job class.
  • the party proposing the change, and explain the reason for the petition.
  • if the parties disagree about the proposed clarification.
  • if another union claims (or may claim) to represent the employees involved in the petition, include the contact name, address, telephone, and email for all interested parties. 


A case can be filed at any time to address newly created positions, employees who may be eligible for interest arbitration, confidential employees, affiliation or amendment.

Supervisory or part-time Employees

Change of circumstances and community of interest


Email, fax, mail, or deliver a completed Unit Clarification Petition form and the Reason for Clarification to PERC and all parties as required by WAC 391-08-120. After the petition is filed, PERC will email the case number and a copy of the petition to all parties.


PERC will review the information filed, determine if more information is necessary, or whether a hearing will be required. All appeal documents must comply with the service requirements at 391-08-120 WAC.

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