Labor Practice

Filing Requirements For Employees

  • You must be a current or former public employee bringing a complaint on your own behalf. If not, contact our office.
  • If you wish to file a complaint against both the employer and the union, a separate complaint is required for each.
  • Employees can only allege certain violations against an employer or a union. If your complaint does not concern any of the violations listed below, please contact our office.
  • Filing a complaint: Complete the Unfair Labor Practice Complaint form, attach a statement of facts (sample statement of facts) and complete a certificate of service (certificate of service form).
    Refer to the General tab for more information.
  • Your Statement of Facts must include the specific allegations and required elements using the 'Types of Violations' information below. Also:
    • Include times, dates, places, and participants of occurrences.
    • State whether a related grievance has been filed.
    • Describe the requested remedies.
    • Review the full requirements described in WAC 391-45-050

Types of Violations that an Employee Can Allege

You must include facts related to all the elements for each violation alleged in your complaint.
Click here to print types of violations that an employee can allege.

Use the decision tree below as a guide to determine which violations you are alleging.

What to Expect After a Complaint is Filed

A complaint is reviewed to determine whether it alleges a violation under PERC’s authority and a preliminary ruling is issued generally within 30 days after filing.

If a preliminary ruling is issued, the parties are notified by assignment letter that the case is assigned to an examiner. If a deficiency notice is issued the complainant is given the opportunity to correct the deficiency. The examiner will contact the parties to schedule a hearing.

If you have a question about private sector labor relations and collective bargaining, contact:

National Labor Relations Board at
206-220-6300 | nlrb.gov

If you have a complaint about general discrimination at work, contact:

Human Rights Commission at
800-233-3247 | hum.wa.gov

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
800-669-4000 | eeoc.gov

If you believe your workplace rights have been violated, contact:

Department of Labor and Industries
866-219-7321 | lni.wa.gov

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