Labor Practice

What to Expect at a PERC Hearing

A hearing is a legal process in which state law gives an opportunity for parties to present facts to an examiner. The examiner is neutral and acts as a decision maker. The examiner follows the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW. Parties must present evidence to the examiner through testimony of witnesses and exhibits (documents) regarding the alleged violations.

Parties will each have an opportunity to examine and cross-examine (ask questions to) all witnesses. At the end of the hearing the examiner will schedule the filing of written closing briefs. A written closing brief is a written statement that explains what facts the party believes were proved at the hearing and the claims/arguments being made by that party, as well as responses to the claims/arguments made by the opposing party.

Settlement without a Hearing

Hiring an Attorney

Court Reporter

Evidence (Exhibits/Testimony)


Closing Briefs



If you have a question about private sector labor relations and collective bargaining, contact:

National Labor Relations Board at
206-220-6300 | nlrb.gov

If you have a complaint about general discrimination at work, contact:

Human Rights Commission at
800-233-3247 | hum.wa.gov

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
800-669-4000 | eeoc.gov

If you believe your workplace rights have been violated, contact:

Department of Labor and Industries
866-219-7321 | lni.wa.gov

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