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A petition to remove or decertify the representative of an existing bargaining unit may only be filed by an individual employee within the bargaining unit or their legal representative.


The timing to file a remove representative petition is determined by a certification or a collective bargaining agreement (CBA):

Certification or CBA StatusTiming to File a Petition
If PERC has issued a certification within the previous 12 months,no petition involving the same employees may be filed for 12 months from the date of the certification.
If the most recent CBA has expired and no new CBA has been signed,a petition can be filed at any time.
If a CBA is in effect,a petition can only be filed during a 30-day window period, which is determined by the contract expiration date.

Window periods are determined by the statute covering employees and the expiration date of the CBA.

Employees Covered ByExample: CBA ExpirationCalculating WindowWindow Period
Chapters 41.80 or 47.64 RCWJune 3090-120 days prior to CBA expiration date30-day window period is March 3 - April 2
Most other chaptersDecember 3160-90 days prior to CBA expiration date30-day window period is October 3 - November 2

 Showing of Interest

A petition must include showing of interest cards from at least 30 percent of the employees in the bargaining unit. Each card must be signed and dated within one year of the petition filing date, must be kept confidential, and must not be shared with the employer.

Showing of Interest cards must contain the following:

  • The employee's printed name, signature, and the date it was signed.
  • A statement that the employee designates the named labor organization as their exclusive bargaining representative for purposes of collective bargaining.
  • A statement that the employee’s signature may be used as a yes vote for purposes of a card check election; and a secret ballot election may not occur.
  • A statement that the employee has the right to ask PERC to revoke their signature card for purposes of card check.
  • Sample showing of Interest card

    Showing of interest sample
     How To Form a Labor Organization

    A petition to organize may only be filed by an established or employee-created labor organization.

    1. Name your organization.
    2. Create a document, such as a constitution or bylaws, explaining how your organization will operate. You may search online for examples of union constitutions and bylaws.
    3. While not required by PERC, you may register your labor organization with the Washington Secretary of State and obtain a federal tax ID if you plan to collect dues.


    Log into the E-Filing system and complete a Representation Petition form.  

    • In the Party Representatives section, list a contact for each party involved as required by WAC 391-08-120.
    • In the Attachments section, attach showing of interest cards by selecting "Showing of Interest Signature Cards" in the attachment type. This is the only way to keep them confidential and not shared with the other parties.
    • Submit the petition.
      • A copy of the petition and confirmation of filing including the case number will automatically be sent to the submitter and the parties listed as representatives.
      • The showing of interest cards will only be sent to PERC as a secure document if they correctly attached as Showing of Interest Signature Cards.
      Request for List of Employees

    The employer has 10 days to provide the following information to PERC:

    1. A list of eligible employees, which must be submitted as a separate attachment in Microsoft Excel format by email to filing@perc.wa.gov or by logging into the E-Filing system and selecting File a Document. Enter the case number and add a document, under Document Type, select Secure Attachment and then select List of Employees, attach the document and submit. You will receive an email confirmation of the filing.
    2. The identification of any eligibility challenges (e.g., part-time, supervisor, confidential).
    3. Additional information or documents, such as organizational charts.
      Verification of Showing of Interest

    Upon receipt of the list of employees, PERC will compare the list to the showing of interest cards to verify the petition is supported by at least 30 percent of the employees. If the petition has less than 30 percent support, is untimely, or has any other deficiency, PERC will issue a deficiency notice, which may allow an opportunity to correct the deficiency within 14 days. If a 30-day window period applies, any correction must also be filed within the window period.

      Filing Additional Cards or Correcting a Deficiency

    Referencing the case number and the parties on the case, submit additional cards or documents with information addressing the deficiency to PERC by email to filing@perc.wa.gov.


    When the petition is complete PERC will conduct an investigation by email or phone to verify the parties agree on the answers to the following six questions:

    1. Does PERC have jurisdiction?
    2. Is the labor organization qualified under the statute?
    3. Is the petition timely?
    4. Is there an unfair labor practice complaint or other case that could block the processing of this petition?
    5. Is the proposed bargaining unit appropriate under the statute, and does either party have any changes to the proposed bargaining unit description?
    6. Is the eligibility list correct, or are there any proposed changes?

    If the parties agree, PERC will conduct an election. A card check is not possible in a petition to remove the representative. The employer is required to post notices in the workplace with election details. If the parties do not agree, additional proceedings may be conducted. Your assigned hearing officer will work with you and the other party to schedule and address the logistics for the hearing. Hearings are currently held using PERC’s Zoom account. PERC utilizes a Dropbox account to facilitate the exchange of exhibits, either prior to or during the hearing. Generally, you can expect your hearing officer to schedule a pre-hearing conference to go over hearing logistics, including Zoom and Dropbox tech setup.

      Election by Mail Ballot

    Elections may be conducted by mail ballot, electronically, or telephonically. PERC will send ballots and voting instructions to the employees. Ballot choices include the incumbent union and no representation. Employees will return mail ballots to PERC. Any employee who does not return a ballot has not voted.

    PERC will tally the returned ballots on the election date indicated on the posted notice. The election is determined by a majority of ballots returned. A tie vote will result in “No Representation” being certified. The tally results will be sent to the representatives on the case.

      Election Objections

    Election objections must be filed with PERC within 7 days after the tally is issued. The petitioner, employer, intervenor, or individual employees may file election objections for improper conduct or procedures during the election process. The objections must be written in separate numbered paragraphs. After the objection is filed, PERC will establish a timeline for responses to the objections. All filings must comply with the service requirements at WAC 391-08-120.

    To file election objections, submit a document including the case number, the parties’ names and representatives, and an explanation of the objection by email to filing@perc.wa.gov.


    If no election objections are filed, PERC will issue a certification after the objection period expires. If election objections are filed, PERC may issue a certification after the objections are resolved.

    Bargaining unit certifications can be found on the Decisions page. For additional help searching decisions, visit the Search Tips page.


    Examples of orders and jurisdictional rulings that can be appealed include: orders of dismissal, decisions which include eligibility issues (i.e. supervisory or confidential status), interim rulings, etc. Timeliness standards apply to the appealing and responding party.

    Notice of Appeal

    A notice of appeal provides notice that a party is appealing a decision and identifies the specific number of finding of fact, conclusions of law, or order being appealed. A notice of appeal is due 20 days from the date the decision is issued. That date cannot be extended. A Notice of appeal must include the specific number of finding of fact, conclusions of law, or order being appealed. Give detailed information regarding the specific finding(s) appealed. After the notice of appeal has been filed, the parties will be able to file appeal briefs.

    Appeal Brief

    Appeal briefs explain what is being appealed, why it is being appealed, and provide legal arguments as to why the issue should be overturned by the Commission. The appeal brief is due 14 days after the notice of appeal is filed. That date can be extended by request to the Executive Director at filing@perc.wa.gov. The brief can be up to 25 pages, double spaced, with 12-point font.

    Response Brief

    The response brief is due 14 days after the appeal brief is served. Those dates can be extended by request to the Executive Director at filing@perc.wa.gov. The brief can be up to 25 pages, double spaced, with 12-point font.

    All appeal documents must comply with the service requirements at 391-08-120 WAC. A notice of appeal must be filed at filing@perc.wa.gov and served on opposing parties.

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