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The Commission only has authority over collective bargaining rights for public sector employees in Washington State including:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • State
  • Port Districts
  • Public Transit
  • Hospital Districts
  • Public Utility Districts
  • School Districts
  • Fire Districts
  • Community Colleges
  • State Colleges/Universities
  • Individual Home Care Providers
  • Adult Family Care Providers
  • Family Child Care Providers
  • Language Access Providers
  • Symphonies
  • Libraries

PERC does not have authority over private sector employees, or non-collective bargaining issues.

Private Sector employees

  • National Labor Relations Board at 206.220.6300 or
  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service at 206.553.5800 or

Discrimination Complaints (except on the basis of union activities)

  • Human Rights Commission at 800.233.3247 or
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at 800.669.4000 or

Employment Standards/Workplace Rights

  • Department of Labor and Industries at 866.219.7321 or


A complaint must be filed within 6 months from the date the complainant knew or should have known of the alleged violation.

It is illegal for a public employer or union to retaliate against a public employee who files a complaint or gives testimony at a PERC hearing.

A hearing is similar to a trial before a judge. The PERC Examiner acts as an Administrative Law Judge. Parties must provide evidence through testimony of witnesses and exhibits regarding the disputed issues.

No.  PERC staff is strictly neutral and can only answer questions about rules and procedures, and cannot provide legal advice.

You are not required to have an attorney.  If you do not hire an attorney it is recommended that you:
  • Study the statute and rules.
  • Review your claims and evidence.
  • Make your own decision whether to hire an attorney at your own expense.

  • Labor organizations may file to be certified as the exclusive bargaining representative of a particular bargaining unit.
  • Individual employees may only file to remove or decertify their existing bargaining representative.
  • Employers may only file under limited circumstances as described in WAC 391-25-090.

A bargaining representative is any organization which has as one of its primary purposes to represent employees in collective bargaining.
This information is not intended to provide legal advice or counsel on any particular case or issue. It is designed to provide a general introduction to PERC. If you have questions about PERC procedures, you can call PERC at 360.570.7300.
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