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Submit your completed form or document to PERC by email to or see filing methods below.

Case Filing Forms

Unfair Labor Practice Complaint Form
Unfair Labor Practice FAQ

Allegation by an employee, union, or employer that statutory collective bargaining rights have been violated.

Contract Mediation Request

Request a mediator to help employers and bargaining representatives reach an agreement when they are unable to agree on the terms of a written contract defining the wages, hours, and working conditions of bargaining unit employees.

Grievance Mediation Request

Request a mediator to help parties reach a resolution about a dispute over the interpretation or application of a contract.

Representation Petition

Representation FAQ

Petition to investigate whether employees wish to organize, change, or remove a union representative.

Unit Clarification Petition

Unit Clarification FAQ

Petition to add or remove employees from an existing bargaining unit based upon a change in circumstances. Only an employer or union may file this these cases.

Arbitrator Request

Request a staff arbitrator or a panel of private arbitrators for grievance or interest arbitration.

Certificate of Service

Attach this form to any document you are filing to show proof of mailing or service on all parties related to the case.


Training/Speaker Request

Request for training or staff to speak at an event.

Filing 'Checklist'

Review the following checklist before filing your case or document.

  • Completely fill out, sign, and date form or document. Do not file the instruction page.
  • Include a copy of your most recent CBA (if applicable) per form instructions.
  • Include a signed and dated certificate of service (proof of mailing) showing that you served a copy to all other parties.
  • Submit form or document (see Filing Methods below).

Filing Methods

Forms and documents may be submitted by email attachment, fax, mail, or in person.

Email (preferred)

Send the completed form or document and all attachments in an email to:

The subject line of any email related to an open case should include the case number, employer, and union.




Public Employment Relations Commission

P.O. Box 40919

Olympia, WA 98504-0919


Public Employment Relations Commission

112 Henry Street NE, Suite 300

Olympia, WA 98506


Please email questions to or call 360.570.7300

Case Filing Process

Upon receipt of your request, a case number will be assigned and one of our staff members will contact you regarding further processing.

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