River Forest Staff Arbitrator

PERC staff arbitrate both grievance and interest arbitration requests.

Request and Procedure

Log into the E-Filing system and complete the Arbitrator Request form to request a PERC staff arbitrator at no cost.

  • One or both parties file a written request for an arbitration or submit the Arbitrator Request form.
  • Once the arbitrator is assigned, the parties work with the arbitrator to schedule and address logistics for the hearing.
  • The parties may hire a court report for the proceeding.
  • The contract determines the timeline when the award or opinion is to be issued.
  • The arbitration award is final and binding and cannot be appealed to the Commission.

Arbitration Hearing

The assigned arbitrator will work with the parties to schedule and address the logistics for the arbitration hearing. Hearings are held using PERC’s Zoom account. PERC utilizes a Dropbox account to facilitate the exchange of exhibits, either prior to or during the hearing. Generally, you can expect your arbitrator to schedule a pre-hearing conference to go over hearing logistics, including Zoom and Dropbox tech setup.

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