Training Services PERC

Learn the basics of Washington State collective bargaining laws, including how PERC operates and how legal disputes involving collective bargaining laws are processed.  PERC will be happy to answer any questions and help you customize a training that fits your needs. Contact us at (360) 570-7300 or or log into the E-Filing system and select the Training Request form. Printable version available here.

PERC 101

This session provides an overview of PERC’s administration of state collective bargaining laws, including representation activities, unfair labor practices, mediations, and conflict prevention. Learn how PERC processes an unfair labor practice complaint, what to expect during mediation, and about the other services that PERC provides.

Unfair Labor Practices & Grievances

Participants will gain a better understanding of unfair labor practices and grievances: what they are, what they aren’t, and ways to avoid them. This training can be customized to explore specific unfair labor practice or grievance topics (e.g., Weingarten rights, direct dealing, and unilateral changes) to help parties avoid or minimize future conflict.

Elections & Unit Clarifications

PERC is responsible for ensuring appropriate bargaining units are established for collective bargaining purposes. This session helps demystify PERC’s representation processes and walks participants through the steps and standards PERC uses for representation elections and petitions to clarify bargaining units.

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