Search Decisions

PERC is pleased to offer a new Decision Search Engine.  This consolidates our previous search engine, recent decision, interest arbitration, and MEC decision pages.

All previously missing decisions are now available.

You will find a search engine that combines all of our decision types into one database. Decisions are full-text searchable, contain a header with additional information, and include a link to the signed PDF where available.

You will not find  Orders Closing Case, closure letters issued following a withdrawal.  These orders used to be assigned decision numbers and have never been available online, therefore some decision numbers will not appear.  Court citations will be referenced but not linked; those documents can be found using the Washington Courts Search engine.

Advanced Search:
We recommend using the “Advanced Search” feature instead of searching by collection. The Decision Search Tips page will give additional details on the best way to use the new tool. If you have issues or questions, please email

RSS Feeds and Mailing List:
The previous RSS Feed has been replaced.  You can now sign up for a mailing list or re-subscribe to RSS Feeds in the new search engine to be notified when new decisions are published.

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