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The Negotiation Project is an innovative conflict prevention program that explores how academic theories and research about negotiation apply in Washington state public sector labor relations.  Through online and eventually in-person discussions, negotiators can improve their skills and better manage conflicts.  Video Accessibility: To view closed captioning on mobile devices,  select the "desktop view" in your browser. 

What is the Negotiation Project?

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Expanding the Bargaining Pie

Expanding The Pie Intro


An introduction to the Expanding the Pie video series

Expanding The Pie Models

Bargaining Models

An explanation of the principles in negotiation models and their key features.

Expanding The Pie Decide

How Do You Decide What Model to Use?

An invitation to consider how you choose a bargaining model.

Expanding The Pie Integrative

Integrative Bargaining

Answers the question of what is integrative bargaining and how it can be used in your next negotiation.

Expanding The Pie Interests


An explanation of what are interests and how they differ from positions.

Expanding The Pie Questions

Questions to Uncover Interests

Two concrete ways to think of questions that will help you uncover interests.

Expanding The Pie Integrative Opps

Identifying Integrative Opportunities 

Concrete tips and tools to incorporate the principles of integrative bargaining when negotiating a contract.

Expanding The Pie Wrap

Wrap Up & What's next?

Key takeaways from Expanding the Bargaining Pie and an invitation to meet up with us for live conversations that will be held 12 pm -1 pm on September 15th, October 14th, and November 10th.  Join the mailing list to sign up for more details.

Summarizing the key opportunities featured in Expanding the Bargaining Pie.

Negotiation Project Mailing List

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