A space where negotiation theory meets practice.
Explore tools and resources to resolve conflicts and enhance labor-management relationships.

A space where negotiation theory meets practice.
Explore tools and resources to resolve conflicts and enhance labor-management relationships.

Episode 40
Daniel Kahneman Tribute Episode

Chris and Loyd discuss the life and work of Daniel Kahneman who recently passed away.


Episode 38
The Science (and Art) of Persuasion in Bargaining

This episode examines the six principles of persuasion drawn from the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and considers how these principles apply to the world of collective bargaining.


Episode 37
PERColator Profile with Alice Phillips

Alice Phillips shares advice, stories, and tips that she’s learned over her decades long career as a union leader. Alice will be speaking at the NW LERA Conference on March 28, Register using the link below.


Episode 36
Managing Conflict Mindfully Book Club

Your co-hosts of The PERColator Podcast sit down for a book club discussion of Leonard Riskin's recent book, Managing Conflict Mindfully.


Episode 35
Book Club

After a brief hiatus, we are excited to be back with a new book club episode where Emily, Chris and Loyd share out some negotiations-related books they’ve read recently.


Episode 34
To Trust or Not to Trust

Chris and Loyd talk about game theory and trust in negotiations.


Episode 33
PERColator Profile with Marv Schurke

Get to know Marv Schurke who shares stories, tips, and advice from his experiences as PERC's first executive director, as a private arbitrator, at the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, and as a management representative in the private sector prior to being an impartial in the field.

Episode 32
ALRA Advocates’ Day 2023

Advocates' Day at the Association of Labor Relations Agencies annual conference takes place July 17 in Vancouver, B.C. In this episode, we talk about some agenda highlights that might be of interest to PERColator Podcast listeners (and Emily puts out a book club challenge!).


Episode 31
Can Effective Negotiators Be Nice?

A March 2023 congressional hearing involving US Trade Representative Tai and Congressmen Murphy raised an important topic concerning the traits of an effective negotiator and whether a negotiator's "niceness" makes them less effective in bargaining.

Episode 30
Last, Best, and Final Offers

A panel discussion on what last best and final offers are, their implications in the bargaining process, and practical considerations to think of when deciding whether or not to make a last best and final offer and how to respond to them.

Episode 29
PERColator Book Club featuring Star Wars, Chief Leschi and Addie Fletcher-Booth

What can negotiators learn from the stories of Star Wars, Chief Leschi, and groundbreaking Washington labor leader Addie Fletcher Booth? In this book club episode, Chris, Emily and Matt share interesting negotiations and labor relations books and resources.


Episode 28
PERColator Profile with Lorraine Wilson

The next in the series of PERColator Profiles, get to know Lorraine Wilson share her experience as a school district lawyer and labor relations negotiator. 

Episode 27
Hot Topics in Labor Law: A Conversation with Jennifer Abruzzo and Mike Sellars

Hear insights from Jennifer Abruzzo, General Counsel of the NLRB and Mike Sellars, Executive Director of the Washington PERC on some of the main labor law topics of the day.


Episode 25
The State Bargaining Process and the Summer of 2022

A chat with three negotiators, who were at the table this summer in the latest round of bargaining between Washington State and its bargaining units. Find out how state bargaining works, what were the major themes this recent cycle, and what we can learn from the state tables about negotiation theory. 

Episode 24
Labor Reads with Marjorie Wittner

A chat with Marjorie Wittner, the Chair of the Massachusetts Commonwealth Employment Relations Board, about labor relations and conflict resolution related books and popular culture. 


Episode 23
PERColator Profile with Eric Nordlof

Welcome to the next in our series of PERColator Profiles where we get to know an experienced labor relations professional. Today, we profile Eric Nordlof, who shares his experience as a union lawyer, employer-side labor relations consultant, and author. 

Episode 22
Public Sector Labor Negotiations and Private Sector Labor Law

Join special guest Amanda Clark, a shareholder with the Asher, Gittler & D’Alba, Ltd., a labor and employment law firm in Chicago and explore how understanding the National Labor Relations Act and private sector labor law benefits state and local public sector labor negotiators. 

Episode 21
The Power of Apologies in Bargaining with Guest Myla Hite

Join us as we explore what makes a good apology and how they can help make you a more effective negotiator while building better relationships with your labor partners.


Episode 20
PERColator Profile with Sue Bauman

Welcome to the inaugural PERColator Profile! Where we get to know an experienced labor-relations professional. Today, we profile Sue Bauman who joins us to share her experience as a teacher, union leader, lawyer, elected official and labor neutral.

Episode 19
Emotions at the Bargaining Table, The Core Concerns Approach

This episode details the Core Concerns Approach, a method for constructively addressing emotions at the bargaining table.


Episode 18
Bargaining in the Age of High Inflation

A panel discussion concerning how negotiators are confronting CPI amounts at historic levels and how that is impacting the bargaining process.

Special Guests:
Debbie Brookman
Sarah Lorenzini
Shannon Phillips

Episode 17
Liberating Structures with Guest Tom Melancon

A chat with guest Tom Melançon, Strategy Officer at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, about Liberating Structures. Liberating Structures are facilitation tools that may help negotiators in bargaining, within teams, or to improve conversations. 


Episode 16
ALRA Advocates’ Day with Guest Sarah Cudahy

Meet special guest Sarah Cudahy of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and learn about ALRA’s program for Advocates' Day at the virtual conference being held July 25th 2022


Episode 14
The Spaces We Bargain - Part 2

A discussion of different criteria and questions that parties may pose in considering the merits of different bargaining forums.  


Episode 13
The Spaces We Bargain - Part 1

Taking stock of the world of negotiations in 2022, this episode explores the different forums now available to conduct negotiations. 

Episode 12
The Extended Mind - Part 3

This is Part 3 of a three-part interview with science writer Annie Murphy Paul, author of The Extended Mind.


Episode 11
The Extended Mind - Part 2

This is Part 2 of a three-part interview with science writer Annie Murphy Paul, author of The Extended Mind.


Episode 10
The Extended Mind - Part 1

This is Part 1 of a three-part interview with science writer Annie Murphy Paul, author of The Extended Mind.


Episode 9
Northwest LERA 2022

Join us for this bonus episode highlighting the work of the PERC Negotiation Project at this year's Northwest LERA conference.


Episode 8
Determining Bargaining Intent

This episode examines the problem of determining contract intent and offers some practical tools parties may utilize to clarify and document bargaining intent.
Special Guest: Bob Oberstein


Episode 7
Interest-Based Bargaining

Explore Interest-Based Bargaining, or IBB, a collaborative tool for contract negotiations.


Episode 6

An exploration of what interests are, how to discover them, and how they can help in your negotiations.


Episode 5
The Bargaining Table

How paying attention to the bargaining table setup can change the dynamic in your negotiation for the better.

Episode 4
Small Talk

How can setting a positive tone through small talk be a bridge to success in your negotiations?

Episode 3
The Bargaining Room

How can the physical space in which you bargain help set you up for success or serve as an impediment to resolving your next negotiation?

Episode 1
Introducing The PERColator Podcast!

The PERColator Podcast, the latest effort by the PERC Negotiation Project to connect negotiation theory with practice of public sector labor relations in Washington State.


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